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The Vision

2014 - 2015

If you would like to receive a copy of The Vision, our monthly school news magazine, please complete the form below and mail with your payment to Cathy Esker, Teutopolis High School, 801 West Main St., Teutopolis, IL  62467.

The Vision is produced by the students who make up The Vision staff.  Eight issues are 12 pages and the May issue is 16 pages.  The cost of producing this four-color publication, plus the mailing expense is $12.00 per year per subscription.

Our talented staff is made up of hard working students who enjoy bringing you Teutopolis High School news on a regular basis.

Please print the information needed below:

Name __________________________________  Phone # ________________________

Mailing Address:        _____________________________________




Phone #                       _____________________________________

  ____    Yes I would like to have The Vision delivered to me for $12.00 which includes 9 issues and mailing expenses.

____    Money enclosed.   ____check (make payable to The Vision – THS)      ____ cash

Thank you from The Vision staff.

Please return this form and payment to:         Cathy Esker
                                                                    Teutopolis High School
                                                                    801 West Main St
                                                                    Teutopolis, IL  62467

Vision Variety Show

Vision’s Variety Show

Hosted by the Teutopolis High School Vision

Your chance to win $50 to $75

  1.  There will be a junior and a senior division. The junior division is kindergarten through 6th grade students and the senior division is 7th through 12th grade students2
  2. Only Teutopolis Unit 50 students are allowed to participate, but everyone is welcome to enjoy the show.
  3. The entry fee for returning participants is $10.  For new participants the fee is $15.00
  4. Students must attend the sound check on September 5th 5:00 pm – 8:30 pm in the Teutopolis Grade School gymnasium.
  5. If you will be performing in a group act, please have each individual fill out a form and send all forms in together.  There is only one entry fee per act.
  6. You may pick up a registration form at your school's office or print this one from the website.
  1. Please enclose your entry fee with registration.
  2. Please complete the registration form below and mail to The Vision, Teutopolis High School, 801 W. Main St. Teutopolis, IL 62467 by August 27th.

If you have any questions or concerns please call editor Sydney Ladendecker (217) 690-5940


Talent Show Registration Form

Name of participant:_________________________________  ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Date:__________________  

Grade (2014-2015):_________    Number of participant in performance   ______________

Contact #: (      )______-_________   E-mail address:______________________________


Brief description of your act:  ________________________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian name(s):____________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian signature: __________________________________________________

Post Prom Party Rules

 Post Prom Party Rules are as follows:

1.       Admittance only to Teutopolis High School Juniors and Seniors and their guests that are alcohol and drug free.

2.      Doors will open at 11:30.  Post prom starts promptly at12:15.  NO ADMITTANCE AFTER 12:15 a.m.  There is no re-admittance if you leave the party.  Anyone needing to retrieve an item from their car (i.e. take out contacts, put on glasses, etc.) will be escorted by an adult.  Anyone leaving the party must sign out.  Post Prom hours are from 12:15 until approximately 3:30 a.m.

3.      Any individual(s) found with alcohol or drugs will be detained until their parents are called to retrieve them.

4.      Any individual(s) who cause damage to property will be held accountable both personally and financially.

5.      Proper language and behavior expected.

6.      No loitering in the parking lot.

7.      Students must be present to win any of the prizes given away throughout the evening.

8.      Neither Teutopolis High School nor the Teutopolis Post Prom Committee shall be held responsible for accidents.