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Teutopolis High School

Vision Variety Show winners announced

First Place Junior Division winner 2014

First place winner in the Junior Division was Elizabeth Weidner.  Elizabeth performed a dance routine to Time of Our Lives.

Glow Stick Dance -2014

Second Place winners were Elizabeth Poston, Maggie Koester, Madison Thompson,and  Eve Walker. These seventh grade students performed a glow stick dance to Eye of the Tiger, Cotton Eyed Joe, Macarena, Kung Fu Fighting.


First place winner in the Senior Division was Lauren Siemer.  Lauren sang the Miley Cyrus song The Climb.

1st place senior devision 2014

Second place winner in the Senior Division was Jacob Schumacher.  Jacob sang How Do You Like Me Now by Toby Keith.

2nd place senior division 2014

Emcee for the show was Mr. Kevin Niemerg, science teacher at the junior high.  Mr. Niemerg introduced the judges: Jeff Armstrong, music teacher and band director for the grade school and junior high, Andrew Breeden, Spanish teacher at the high school, and Kate Pruemer, local cello player.  Following the performances, Mrs. Melissa Orndorf, THS band director, sang and played guitar for the crowd.  

The Vision staff ended the evening with a flash mob dance thanking everyone for their participation and for coming to enjoy the show.

Post Prom Party Rules

 Post Prom Party Rules are as follows:

1.       Admittance only to Teutopolis High School Juniors and Seniors and their guests that are alcohol and drug free.

2.      Doors will open at 11:30.  Post prom starts promptly at12:15.  NO ADMITTANCE AFTER 12:15 a.m.  There is no re-admittance if you leave the party.  Anyone needing to retrieve an item from their car (i.e. take out contacts, put on glasses, etc.) will be escorted by an adult.  Anyone leaving the party must sign out.  Post Prom hours are from 12:15 until approximately 3:30 a.m.

3.      Any individual(s) found with alcohol or drugs will be detained until their parents are called to retrieve them.

4.      Any individual(s) who cause damage to property will be held accountable both personally and financially.

5.      Proper language and behavior expected.

6.      No loitering in the parking lot.

7.      Students must be present to win any of the prizes given away throughout the evening.

8.      Neither Teutopolis High School nor the Teutopolis Post Prom Committee shall be held responsible for accidents.