Health Occupations
Health Occupations
Monica Kremer
Friday, January 17, 2020

Hello high schoolers!

Have you ever considered a career in the medical field? Are you interested in a program that could fast track your way to becoming a healthcare professional? For any students interested, we’re here to talk about an amazing opportunity you could take your senior year. Recommend for any student considering a career in the medical field, Health Occupations is an extremely beneficial program for teens in high school. This class consists of a classroom type setting, where you learn about medical terminology, human anatomy, and medical procedures. The class also includes a clinical setting that provides hands on experience. These settings include Evergreen nursing home and working on third and fifth floor of the hospital. Benefits of the class includes an understanding of the medical field and upon completion of the course, the student will be a certified nurse assistant (CNA) after passing an exam. Each student will also receive eleven college credits after passing the course. In order to be accepted into this fine program, one must achieve a few requirements. The process of applying into the class is quite simple. Any student who has taken chemistry or is enrolled in the class for their senior year is eligible for the Health Occ program. Having anatomy and physiology in their schedule could help them to be accepted too. If accepted, students are expected to show up on time and work hard. The course is exciting and very interesting. Students who take this class will have a head start for college and be able to work in the health field after high school. If at all interested please talk to your guidance counselor about how to apply. Please consider this course for your senior year, you will not regret it!

Eve Walker & Lanna Kroeger, Seniors at Teutopolis High School