THS 2020-21 Homecoming Coronation

THS Students (and Families),

Due to COVID restrictions, our Homecoming coronation ceremony was held outdoors with social distancing, but the cold, rainy weather didn't affect the beauty of these young adults. The wind did, however, affect the sound. It's not a perfect recording, but we were happy that we were able to pull the coronation ceremony off outside in the middle of winter.

A huge shout out to the following:

  • The Teutopolis Banquet Hall for letting us use your outdoor patio with heat
  • Will Wortman for taking a break from his university studies and giving up part of his weekend to record the ceremony for us
  • Leah Stone for also helping record the ceremony as Mrs. Mapes' assistant
  • Waymo's Photography for being willing to bundle up and endure the cold weather so that our Court could have professional pictures
  • Burkland's for the gorgeous flower bouquets and boutonnieres 
  • The THS parents for being supportive and awesome (as always)
  • The Homecoming Court for their elegance and grace during a really cold, wet ceremony

Watch the full coronation ceremony here:

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