Special School Board Meeting May 14
Special School Board Meeting May 14
William Fritcher
Sunday, May 05, 2019

The Teutopolis Community Unit 50 School Board will host an open house from 6 pm to 7 pm with a public meeting to follow at 7 pm at JH Griffin Gymnasium on Tuesday, May 14.  The purpose of the open house is to give the public a chance to tour the boys' and girls' locker rooms plus public restrooms located by the gym.  No changes will be made in the scope of work originally planned for Phase 2 which includes removal of the 1929 section, installation of a corridor, adding HVAC to the “East wing”, and remodel of the new band room..

The public meeting is for the purpose of providing public input to the school board regarding the possible remodel/addition/demolition of the locker rooms and restrooms as an alternate to Phase 2 of the current building project.  The reasons for the board to consider this now are because of the lower possible cost of the project due to lower mobilization costs by contractors/bidders on the project and the possibility of lower financing fees on any possible bond issuance. 

Does the public want us to proceed with drawings and bids on the project as a possible alternate to Phase 2 or would the public like for us to wait to see if the 1% sales tax may possibly pass in the future and fund the project thru sales tax revenue?   Or should we wait further into the future?  

The board is aware of other community projects and needs.  We are aware the community may need to raise funds for these projects.  We are also aware of the State of Illinois’ financial situation and possible tax increases.  

We also see the strong need for the locker room/public restroom project and providing adequate facilities to our students and student-athletes plus reasonable and acceptable restroom facilities to the fans and guests at our public attended events.