Teutopolis Community Unit School District 50 Branding Guide


A brand is a school's reputation. It is how we are understood by others and how we present ourselves. Every member of our district and community plays a role in advancing that reputation. We are all brand ambassadors. By utilizing elements of our brand in your communications, you contribute to our success. In the fall of 2023, district employees worked to establish branding standards and guidelines to ensure we present ourselves consistently to our audiences.

This branding guide is intended to be used for electronic, print, and media communication to ensure consistency of logos, colors, and fonts.


The logos shown here are presented in the official colors of the school. The logo mark may be modified with a logo type (lettering) and used as part of a design, which can be arranged in any number of styles. The logo should not be otherwise changed (distorted, stretched, etc).

Official Colors

The official Navy and Gold of Teutopolis Unit 50 listed below are recognizable in our community and beyond. They can be used to create any number of visually pleasing graphics that hold true to the identity of Teutopolis.


Colors Not to Use

The official colors of Teutopolis Unit 50 are the Navy and Gold shown above. Our school district should not be recognized as using "blue" and "yellow."

Use of Other Colors

Other colors may be used to set a specific mood and tone of the product being created. White is used in our logos, though it is not an "official" school color.

Clothing, Uniforms, Etc and Colors

Clothing, uniforms, and other purchased goods may not match the colors exactly or may be on a different colored background - and that is okay! The most important thing is displaying that Wooden Shoe Pride!


Crete Round - Primary (Headings)

Montserrat Medium - Secondary (Body)

Calibi - Alternate Body Text

Other specialty fonts may be used to set a mood or tone for a piece of media, presentation, article of clothing, etc. These should be used tastefully, sparingly, and never as body text.

Examples of Modified Logos

The following logos have been used by district officials for different purposes and serve as examples of the free use of our logo, colors, and use of district and specialty fonts to set a specific mood or tone for a specific piece of media. These logos may also be downloaded at the above logo download link.





Referring to the District

The names to the right are how the district and individual buildings should be referred to in print or electronic communications.

When mentioning the district for the first time in a piece, Teutopolis Community Unit School District #50 should be used. After that, any of the abbreviations may be used.

When mentioning a building for the first time, the full name of the individual school should be used. After that, the abbreviation may be used.


  • Teutopolis Community Unit School District #50

  • Teutopolis Unit #50 Schools

  • Teutopolis Unit #50

  • Unit 50


  • Teutopolis High School

    • THS

  • Teutopolis Junior High School

    • TJHS

  • Teutopolis Grade School

    • TGS


Click the link to the left to reach our internal links page for staff to download templates for letterhead and presentations, as well as submit a request for a district email signature graphic (coming soon).