THS Facility
William Fritcher
Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Many thanks to those who attended the forum at Siemer Milling the evening of September 17. A question about the ESTIMATED costs of construction and demolition was raised. One of the organizers of the event stated that construction and demolition costs were about the same while another stated that construction was about $3 million and demolition was about $500,000. The following link contains ESTIMATES from Upchurch Architects for both phases of the proposed project. Construction of a nine-room addition is estimated at $2,982768. ESTIMATED costs of demolition, remodel of classrooms in the shop area into a band room, and construction of a walkway to get students from the west side of the building to the east side of the building are $2,960,712.  Please remember, these costs were ESTIMATED in April 2018.