A Unit #50 counselor has provided information that I felt should be shared with the community:

Good Morning

Many students are starting to watch and/or tell others to watch the Netflix series "13 reasons why".  Below is an article for parents/educators to learn why this series may not be appropriate for our adolescents and teenagers. If you are aware your kids are watching the series it points out good advice a parent can give them on how this series does not support the research we know about teen suicide.  If you have not heard, "13 Reasons Why" is a series about a high school girl who commits suicide.

Again I wanted to share this article because we do not want our kids/students to have a false perception about suicide.  As an adult watching it, we know it is fiction and unrealistic but for some of our students it may be misleading.


In addition, this is a talking point sheet sent to us from ROE#3.  It gives a brief summary of why this series is fictional and what things to discuss with your kids/students.