Covid-19 Updates


Return to School Plan 2022-2023

5/27/22 - IDPH & ISBE Updates

2/17/22 - Litigation Update

Appellate Court (4th District) - TRO Appeal Order

2/6/22 - Litigation Update

Covid Litigation Update - Compliance with TRO Letter

TRO - 2021-CH-500002

District Safe Return to School Plan - As originally adopted by Board in July 2021

District Mitigation Measures - As originally adopted by Board in September 2021


Revised IDPH Guidance for Schools

Revised IDPH FAQs

ISBE Test to Stay


Superintendent Letter to ISBE, as delivered during ISBE's Regular Meeting 


Updated IDPH/ISBE FAQ for Schools


Updated IDPH Exclusion Guidance for Schools

9/21/21 - Newly Released IDPH/ISBE/Ex. Order Documents

Revised Public Health Guidance for Schools

Updated Public Health Interim Guidance & Exclusion Protocols

Updated IDPH/ISBE FAQ for Schools

ISBE Emergency Rules - Mandatory Vaccinations for School Personnel

Executive Order 2021-24 (9/17/21) - Modifies EO#22

Executive Order 2021-23 and 77 Ill. Admin Code 690 Fact Sheet

Executive Order 2021-25 (9/21/21) - Modifies EO#24


ISBE Letter - Restored Recognition (9/9/21)

Updated Safe Return Plan (Board Approved)

Updated District Mitigation Measures 


Executive Order 2021-22

8/31/21 - Re: Special Meeting of the Board of Education Recap

Teutopolis Unit #50 Families,

The Board of Education held a Special Meeting on Tuesday, August 31 to consider modifying the previously approved Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services Plan. After hearing public comment and open discussion from the Board, a motion was made “under protest” to “update the Safe Return Plan to comply with the August 4th Executive Order #18 and hereby require the indoor use of face coverings by students, staff, and visitors who are over age two and able to medically tolerate a face covering, regardless of vaccination status.” With a fifth member not able to attend in-person, members voted 2-2, so the motion did not pass. This means that the previously approved plan from July 19 and August 16, which mirrors CDC guidance, remains in place.

On another related agenda item, the Board directed the Superintendent to pursue information regarding the possibility of lawsuit against the Governor and/or State for overreach and limiting local authority to make decisions based on the needs and interests of the school community. The Superintendent is to provide the Board with additional information for possible Board action as early as the next scheduled meeting.

Additionally, a draft plan with specific metrics for implementation of layered mitigation measures was also shared with the Board and public attendees. This plan is currently being reviewed by the Effingham County Health Department, and some changes are likely. Parents and community members are also welcome to provide commentary on the draft Covid Mitigation Measures prior to potential approval at the next meeting. Please use this form to submit a recommendation for change.  

If you have questions, please contact your school administrator, or you may contact me directly at the Unit Office, 217-857-3535.

Thank you and Go Shoes!

Correspondence Received by Board Regarding Covid Masking

ISBE Conference Letter

IHSA - State Series Prohibition for Non-Compliance

IESA - State Series Prohibition for Non-Compliance

ISBE Probation Letter

ISBE 24 Hour Inquiry Letter

District Response to ISBE 24 Hour Inquiry Letter

ISBE Enforcement of Universal Masking Requirement

Effingham County Health Department Recommendation Letter to Members - August

Effingham County Health Department Recommendation Letter - August

Effingham County Health Department Recommendation Letter - March

Board Policy 4:180

IASB Recommendation Letter

District Insurance Company Recommendation Letter

Carle's Dr. Dennis Recommendation Letter


ISBE - Revised Public Guidance for Schools



Executive Order 2021-18 - requires that masks be worn indoors by all teachers, staff, students, and visitors to P-12 schools, regardless of vaccination status. The State of Illinois also requires all public and nonpublic schools to comply with contact tracing, in combination with isolation and quarantine, as directed by state and local public health departments.


CDC Updated Mask Guidance: "Given new evidence on the B.1.617.2 (Delta) variant, CDC has updated the guidance for fully vaccinated people. CDC recommends universal indoor masking for all teachers, staff, students, and visitors to K-12 schools, regardless of vaccination status. Children should return to full-time in-person learning in the fall with layered prevention strategies in place."

7/26/21 & 8/2/21 (to reflect the 7/27 CDC update)

IDPH/ISBE Frequently Asked Questions 

7/19/21 & 8/16/21

Safe Return Plan (Fall 2021) - Board Approved


Safe Return Plan (Fall 2021) - Parent Letter


IDPH and ISBE Adopt CDC Guidance

CDC School Guidance


Superintendent Letter to Governor Pritzker - Request for Local Control

Superintendent Letter to ISBE Superintendent Dr. Ayala - Request for Local Control


IDPH Siren Notification - Youth Vaccine FAQ 6/11/21

IDPH Phase 5 Guidance 6/11/21

IDPH School FAQ 6/7/21

IDPH School Decision Tree 5/4/21


Restore Illinois Bridge Phase 3/18/21

District Covid Numbers 3/17/21 

IDPH School FAQ 3/16/21

IDPH School Decision Tree 3/15/21

IDPH School Guidance 3/9/21

IDPH Interim Post-Vaccination Considerations for School Employees 3/16/21


Covid Numbers Updated

0.5% Positivity/Quarantine/Choice means that we will return to full-day in person instruction on Monday, March 8th. 


Covid Numbers Update

1% Positivity/Quarantine/Choice means that we remain on track for full-day in person instruction beginning Monday, March 8th. 

2/23/21 - Return to Full-Day Instruction

Teutopolis Unit #50 Families,

As we all know, the 2020-21 academic year has been anything but normal, but we couldn't be more proud of our students, staff and community! Although the pandemic isn't over, our positive/quarantine/choice remote learning numbers are all looking great, and have for several weeks. Thus, a decision to transition back to full-day instruction, with normal dismissal times, was made at the Board of Education meeting on Monday, February 22nd. This transition back to full-day instruction will begin on Monday, March 8th.

As has been the case since August, the District will continue to collect Covid positive and quarantine data, communicating it publicly through our social media accounts and district website. Parents are encouraged to monitor these numbers, as an increase in positivity/quarantine/choice remote may necessitate a transition back to the 2:30 dismissal schedule. 

Similar to state level mitigation thresholds, the general rule for the District will be to maintain full-day instruction unless weekly remote learning (choice + quarantine + isolation) exceeds 8% (85 students) for two consecutive weeks. The District would then communicate any schedule change on the Wednesday of the preceding week so families have time to make re-arrangements for a return to 2:30 dismissal. Likewise, we would return to the full-day schedule with another two consecutive weeks of less than 8%. 

Your ongoing support in adhering to, reminding and enforcing our established protocols have been instrumental in our ability to keep schools open and this transitioning back to full-day instruction. Thank you for your help as we continue to prioritize student and staff safety, social-emotional health, academic achievement, and the needs of our families and community!

If you should ever have any questions, please contact me at the Unit Office, 217-857-3535.


Matthew Sturgeon

2/1/21 - Athletics Mitigation Plan

Wooden Shoe Families & Fans,

As you know, the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), Illinois High School Association (IHSA) and Illinois Elementary School Association (IESA) released guidance for indoor athletics in late January. As has been the case since this past March, the District will continue to follow the guidance of our federal, state and local medical officials as we prioritize student and staff safety, social-emotional health of students, academic achievement, and the needs of our families and community. 

 Below are several documents that detail the approach for Teutopolis: 

Our efforts detailed within our Mitigation Plans are consistent with the High School's Apollo Conference and the Junior High's South Central Conference. Knowing that spectators will be limited at home games and prohibited from attending away contests, our Wooden Shoe family and fans will be able to view contests remotely. These remote opportunities can be found on our Teutopolis Unit #50 Activities page and are linked below:

Thank you for your continued understanding and cooperation as our students begin their long awaited winter seasons. I also hope that you will join me in support of our ADs, Coaches and Support Staff, whose commitment and efforts have made these opportunities possible for our student-athletes, teams and programs.

Go Wooden Shoes!

Matt Sturgeon


Updated Covid Numbers

Updated IDPH Decision Tree (1/4/21)

Updated IDPH FAQ (1/4//21)

The IDPH Decision Tree and FAQ updates cover a variety of topics, but many are language updates for the shortened alternate quarantine options. As was communicated on 12/17, our Local Health Department has not yet authorized the use of these alternate options for students. Contact quarantine, therefore, continues to be 14 days from the last exposure.


Updated Covid Numbers

Updated IDPH Quarantine Guidance - Please note, Effingham County Health Department has not yet authorized the use of the shortened alternate options for schools. We will continue to keep our parents and community updated if/when these options become available. 


Updated Covid Numbers


Updated Covid Numbers

In light of the recent CDC news regarding the exploration of lessening the quarantine timeline, we should be reminded that the Local Health Departments and Illinois Department of Public Health establish procedures for the state. Any CDC recommendation will need to be approved at the state level and implemented by our Effingham Health Department


Updated Covid Numbers

ISBE Tier 3 Resurgence Mitigations FAQ (Nov. 24)

Governor's Executive Order 2020-73 (Nov. 23)


Updated Covid Numbers


Updated Covid Numbers

Teutopolis Unit 50 Families,

As you well know, we are experiencing an increase in our Covid positives and quarantines. This is true for our school district, community, county, region, state and nation. Today's communication is intended to help answer some of the questions that must exist among students, families and community.

Let's first address the matter of safety. We continue to seek guidance from the Local Health Department, specifically on whether or not the cases we are experiencing are epidemiologically connected, meaning are the transmissions occurring as school. If or when this becomes the case, and depending on the "outbreak" or cluster, we could move to more dramatic mitigation strategies, including an adaptive pause. This is, and has been, a part of our plan as was communicated formally in my August 26th TeacherEase email and to the public via our website and social media accounts.

Remember, an adaptive pause, determined in conjunction with the Health Department and following IDPH's Adaptive Pause and Metrics: Interim Guidance, could result in full remote learning for a particular classroom, grade level, building, or potentially the district. We remain committed to doing whatever is minimally invasive, but simultaneously fruitful, as we attempt to curve the spread of illness within our district. The potential timeline of an adaptive pause would vary depending on the unique circumstances associated with a particular cluster of cases and/or availability of staff, but could be up to 14 or more days, or as minimal as a week. 

As has been previously communicated, we have and will continue to pursue other less drastic than closure measures if it is safe to remain in-person. Building level mitigation strategies could minimally include any of the following: 

    • Closing playgrounds,
    • Canceling non-essential activities and meetings,
    • Keeping students in stable class groups or classrooms and moving teachers between classes, if necessary,
    • Increasing spacing between students where possible,
    • Directional traffic flow to reduce crowding and increase social distancing,
    • Minimization or elimination of gathering places before/after school and during lunch/recess,
    • and/or Staggering school start, lunch/break, transitions and dismissal times across classes or age groups.

After the safety of students and staff, the second hurdle we have faced is the availability of staff. At present, this is the greater threat to our being in-person. We are so thankful for our substitutes teachers and substitute staff, but there simply are not enough of them to go around. In every corner of every building, we continue to have staff and substitutes that are willing to take on extra duties, to cover classes during prep periods, serve meals, wipe desks, etc. Frankly, these efforts, these selfless acts to do whatever it takes for one another and for our students, have allowed us to remain in-person. Staff availability, and the sustainability of these efforts, is questionable at best.

Here are the questions asked when determining whether in-person instruction remains viable: 

1.  Is it safe? We continue to take guidance from the LHD. To date, they have not indicated that we are any more/less at risk and cannot confirm that we have any school transmissions of Covid.

2.  If x% of our population was on "choice remote", or otherwise absent, would we offer in-person instruction for 100%-x%. Thus far our answer to this is, yes.

3.  Do we have teachers and staff available to educate our students and to maintain the essential functions of our buildings (transportation, food service, disinfection, etc.)? Certainly we have needed flexibility here, but to date it has been possible. 

4.  Where do we best meet the intellectual, emotional and social needs of our students? We believe that in-person instruction, where students have the opportunity to interact and engage with their high quality teachers/staff, programs, instruction and their peers is most desirable.

5.  What are the needs and interests of our families and community? Similar to point two and four, assuming it is safe and we have the staff, we believe our community needs/interests are for us to remain open so as to avoid the potential undesirable academic, social-emotional, child-care, economic, and other implications of closure.

Let us all be reminded of the importance to adhere to established protocols so that we may all remain safe and well. Help us by modeling appropriate proactive measures, by keeping symptomatic children home from school, by minimizing unnecessary community based and social exposures, and by cooperating with the Health Department and school staff when notified of the unfortunate circumstance of quarantine or isolation. 

As numbers increase and circumstances change, we will continue to adapt and update our approach. Thank you for your continued understanding and cooperation as we work together to flatten the curve, keep our students and staff safe and well, and provide opportunities for our students.

For any questions or concerns, please contact us at 217-857-3535. 


Matt Sturgeon


District Covid Numbers

Updated IDPH Frequently Asked Questions for Schools (11/4/20)

Sports Safety Guidelines - Basketball to "High Risk"


District Covid Numbers (10/29/20)

Updated IDPH Exclusion Decision Tree (10/27/20)

Updated IDPH Frequently Asked Questions for Schools (10/27/20)


District Updated Covid Numbers


District Updated Covid Numbers (10/15/20)

Updated IDPH Exclusion Decision Tree (10/13/20)

Updated IDPH Guidance for Schools Addressing Covid (10/14/20)


District Updated Covid Numbers


District Updated Covid Numbers


District Updated Covid Numbers


District Updated Covid Numbers


District Updated Covid Numbers


District Updated Covid Numbers

IDPH Exclusion Decision Tree (9/10/20)


District Updated Covid Numbers

Friendly Reminder of our full Remote Learning Practice Day on Monday, September 14.  

Grab and Go Meals are available on Monday, September 14. Please complete the Meal Registration if interested. 


District Updated Covid Numbers


District Updated Covid Numbers

Parents please contact the school office with the following information:

  • Anything related to attendance
  • Transportation changes
  • Return to school information due to COVID related issues

Wondering what documentation is needed to return to school? Check out the IDPH/ISBE Exclusion Decision Tree or contact your school office!


District Updated Covid Numbers

Friendly Reminder of our full Remote Learning Practice Day on Monday, August 31st.  

Grab and Go Meals are available on Monday, August 31st. Please come the Meal Registration if interested. 


Teutopolis Unit #50 Families,

We have had an increasing number of questions in recent days from parents regarding the District's response to positive cases and close contacts. This communication is intended to help answer some of those questions. 

Before addressing this topic we want to communicate that the District will be moving to 2:30 dismissals Monday through Friday beginning next week. Though our initial thought was that staff could meet the needs of Choice Remote Learners with two early dismissals per week, the additional students on quarantine and the logistical difficulties of working with in-person and remote learners has been more difficult than anticipated. This decision is being made with the support of our Board of Education, Teutopolis Education Association, and building administration. We know our teachers and students have been working hard to adjust to the new normal and this additional time will ensure that we more fully meet the needs of all learners regardless of platform and temporary circumstance.

The Grade School will continue to offer the after-school supervision from 2:30-3:40 for District K-6 students each day of 2:30 dismissal. This program is to support families that are not otherwise able to make accommodations to pick up early. Students will be supervised by District staff and will maintain all other pandemic protocols including masks, social distancing and limits of 50 within a given space. Students will have the opportunity to engage in grade level active play and the option to complete homework. More details for this program may be obtained by contacting the Grade School. 

As for responding to Covid cases, our Return to School Plan, page 12, articulates how we are responding to positive cases and close contacts. Up until this past weekend, I would have said cases associated with students or staff within the district have had very minimal impact on our schools, as most were positive cases or quarantines that existed prior to our first day and had no direct contact within the buildings. The same cannot be said today, as the HS had two positive individuals in the building last week which resulted in contact tracing and quarantining of others. In instances like this, where the individual was within the building, I work directly with the Health Department, our building principals and department supervisors, and they with teachers and staff, to contact trace. The Health Department then communicates the need for isolation/quarantine of "close contacts", those within six feet for fifteen minutes or more. 

As for schools closings, we are aware of several neighboring districts' situations and I would say that each has had unique circumstances resulting in their associated responses. Our circumstances have, and will continue to guide our responses too. I could certainly see a variety of situations in which closure could be warranted, but thus far those steps have not been necessary. IDPH and ISBE are also recommending a variety of other "less drastic than closure" strategies including that we may attempt if possible and appropriate:

  • Suspending in-person learning for affected classes, grade levels or even buildings
  • Closing playgrounds
  • Canceling non-essential activities and meetings
  • Keeping students in stable class groups or classrooms and moving teachers between classes, if necessary
  • Increasing spacing between students in classes where possible
  • Shortening the in-person school week
  • Staggering school start and lunch/break times across year groups or classes

 IDPH did release on 8/17 a document entitled Adaptive Pause and Metrics: Interim School Guidance for Local Health Departments. It does provide some metrics, or thresholds, for the Health Department to consider in consultation with the schools and specific actions steps for schools in the event of minimal and moderate community transmission (current protocols), and substantial transmission (full Remote Learning). Interim metrics to be considered by the Health Department include: 

  • Weekly county case rates: 50 per 100,000
  • Weekly county overall case numbers increase for two consecutive weeks
  • Weekly county youth case numbers increase for two consecutive weeks
  • Weekly test positivity

We hope that you find these updates informative, transparent and helpful. If you should ever have any questions, please contact me at the Unit Office, 217-857-3535.

Please continue to look for updates and thank you for your ongoing support in adhering to, reminding and enforcing our established protocols as we keep everyone safe and well.

Matt Sturgeon



It has been an unbelievable blessing to have students back within our physical buildings and participating remotely during this first full week of school. As educators, it’s what we live for! Thank you for sharing your children with us, and for your continued support and encouragement during these times.

Today's communication is intended to provide a couple of important updates to our Return to School Plan . Please see the full document for the specific details, but the key points are noted below: 

  • IDPH and ISBE have released several new guidance documents. These documents have been reviewed by the Effingham County Health Department and are to be implemented within our school protocols (Remote Learning Plan page 12):
  • School Calendar Changes (Remote Learning Plan page 3)
    •      All PK-12 students will participate in “Remote Learning Practice Days” on Monday, August 31 AND Monday, September 14.
    •      "Remote Learning Practice Day" Meal Registration
  • UPDATE 8/25/20 District Covid Numbers
    •      In order to keep our parents well informed, the District Office will release updated numbers of Covid related quarantines and positive cases associated with our students and staff
    •      We intend to do these releases at least twice per week.
    •      Fluctuations in our totals may require additional days of early dismissal for teachers/staff to meet the needs of our increased number of remote learners. At present, there is not specific threshold for closures or modifications to in-person instruction. Our administrative team, our Board of Education, and/or our local Health Department will use the numbers as guidance in determining if/when full remote learning may be necessary.

Again, thank you and please continue to look for updates! 

If you have questions, please contact me at the Unit Office, 217-857-3535. 

Matt Sturgeon