TEF Recycling Drive

Teutopolis Education Foundation's 2021 Electronic Recycle Drive & Shred Day is Saturday, May 5th from 9am-noon!

The Teutopolis Education Foundation is hosting an Electronics Recycling Drive & Shred Day, with document shredding sponsored by Dieterich Bank. This event is open to the public and will be held from 9AM to Noon at the Teutopolis High School.

Shredding documents containing your personal information is an important step to protecting your identity. We encourage you to take advantage of this convenient shredding and recycling service. All donations to TEF are greatly appreciated and will help benefit our community schools!

Accepted Items (including but not limited to):

  • Computers, printers, cables and peripherals (keyboards, mice, etc.)
  • Fax machines, scanners, digital converter boxes, cable & satellite receivers
  • Networking equipment, server, telecommunications, phones, cell phones, etc.
  • Home electronics, air conditioners, humidifiers, blenders, toasters, irons, etc.
  • Home appliances, washing machines, dryers, ovens, etc
  • Video game consoles, digital video disc player/recorders, portable digital music players
  • Non-ferrous metals, metal office furniture (Metal Desks/File cabinets, etc.)
  • Car batteries and lead items
  • Li-ion Laptop and cell batteries
  • Old motors, non PCB type ballast, transformers and other electrical equipment
  • Medical equipment and all types of diagnostic equipment. (Call to verify Equipment)
  • Industrial machinery and equipment (including power and gas equipment)
  • Electrical, cabling, communication machinery, and equipment
  • VCR, stereos, and audio/video equipment (including cable/satellite)

Accepted Items but will be charged a fee ($5-$35 based on item and size)

  • CRT, Projection, Plasma, Flat Screen, & Console TVs, & Flat Screen Monitors 
  • CRT monitors & Flat screen monitors without tower incur a fee
  • Alkaline Batteries (per pound charge) 
  • Rechargeable batteries - NiCd, NiMH, Li- Ion mixed and Lithium, lithium primary (per pound charge) 
  • Dehumidifies, mini Fridges, refrigerators

Will not Accept (including but not limited to):

  • Light Bulbs
  • DVD’s, VHS’s, CD’s, or Cassette tapes
  • Radioactive materials & Flammable Materials
  • Hazardous Materials (Oil/Antifreeze/Paint)
  • Household Smoke Detectors i.e. smoke, gas, or carbon monoxide ($10/piece charge will apply)
  • Non-Electronics (Tires, wood, office waste, furniture, fiberglass, insulation, Roofing, or Dirt)
  • Explosives (Fire Arms/Ammunition/Shells)
  • Prescription medication, over the counter drugs, or illegal drugs within any equipment
  • Devices containing mercury
  • Equipment containing: asbestos, radioactive components, infectious, or pathological wastes
  • Other Hazardous Materials (Pesticides/Oil Filters/Air Bags/Lead/Mercury Switches