After students take classroom driver education, they are ready to start the behind the wheel (BTW)  portion of driver education.  The BTW is scheduled during their study hall or PE classes.  The scheduling is done according to birthdays.  For example, if a student has 1st hour study hall or PE and is eligible to drive, their names are placed on a list according to their birthdays beginning with the most recent birthday.  Please remember that 1st hour study hall may have students to drive with October and November birthdays, whereas; 2nd hour may have students with the most recent birthday being in January.  It takes approximately 6 weeks to finish the BTW portion of driver education.  Students drive either on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or Tuesday and Thursday.  

Parents are encouraged to take their child driving in the country several times before their child is going to take BTW in the school setting.  Driving 4-wheelers, lawn mowers, boats, or golf carts helps a student with starting and stopping, turns, and backing up. Parents, please remember to be as calm as possible when supervising your child while he/she is driving. Thanks to the parents for all their help with driving.  

Happy and Safe Driving,

Linda Kalika

Grant Keller