THS Driver's Ed

On three different occasions this year, once for every quarter class, Teutopolis Driver's Ed has had Mr. Brady Smith from Loman-Ray Insurance Agency come in and speak. Students were given the basics of insurance and were taught about mandatory liability insurance and the state minimum limits, deductibles, comprehensive and collision insurance and many more basics.

In his presentations throughout the year, Mr. Smith has brought up hypothetical quotes for our future drivers. They get to see what a 16 year old being added to an insurance policy does to the price, how a ticket affects the price, how an accident affects it and how maintaining a Good Student Discount will save them and their family money. Many more scenarios have been added to the quote to show different ways families can manage the cost of having a young driver, such as vehicle assignment and making a first car an older vehicle that does not need comprehensive and collision coverage. We have enjoyed Mr. Smith coming in and have found his presentations very valuable.